Parks & Blooms

Discover the beauty of St. Louis Metro natural areas


path in woods

Arnold City Park

1 Bradley Beach Rd.

68 acres

8-acre lake, 1/2-mile paved trail

trail with bridge

Ferd B. Lang Park

1820 Old Lemay Ferry Rd.

25 acres

hiking trails

creek overlook

 Pomme Creek Park

1 Golfview Dr.

100+ acres

paved walking trails, creek, lake

valley view

Strawberry Creek Nature Area

Upper Tenbrook Rd.

118 acres

creek, pond, walking trails

river overlook

Teszars Woods Conservation Area

Rockwood Forest Dr.

90 acres

1/4-mile & .6-mile trails, fishing


trail in autumn woods

Don Robinson State Park

9275 Byrnesville Rd.

818.18 acres

hiking trails


gazebo in sunny park

Spross Park

728 Amvets Dr.

walking paths, waterfall

wildflowers and trees next to creek

Walther Park

1551 Veterans Dr.

18 acres

walking paths along Joachim creek

green woods

Washington State Park

13041 MO 104

2,147 acres

trails, lakes

Victoria Glades CA

Victoria Woods Ct.

239.3 acres

2.2-mile hiking trail


autumn tree

Larry G Crites Memorial Park

(formerly West City Park)

2322-2292 Old State Hwy. A

100 acres

3-acre lake, trail, water features


Bates Memorial Park

& Joachim Loop Trail

700 Joachim Ave.



Beck Park

84 Lewis Rd.

127 acres


trail in woods

Pleasant Valley Nature Reserve

6701 Twin River Rd.

40 acres

walking trail

creek in woods

Forest 44 Conservation Area

1100 Antire Rd.

957.7 acres

hiking trails, creek


shady green woods

Hillsboro City Park

10975 Highway 21



Sunridge Park

8089 Tower Rd.

6 acres

walking trails

green trees and white clouds reflected in lake on sunny day

Kress Farm Garden Preserve

5137 Glade Chapel Rd.

walking trails, garden, lake

overlook of valley

Valley View Glades CA

131 Evergreen Dr.

227 acres

hiking trail

covered bridge and white fence in green woods

Sandy Creek Covered Bridge State Historic Site

9090 Old Lemay Ferry Rd.


Kimmswick Park

5900 Mississippi St.

1-mile trail

autumn woods

Mastodon State Historic Site

1050 Charles J Becker Dr.

431.14 acres

trails, wildflower garden, Callison Memorial Bird Sanctuary


green trees and grass

Jensen's Point Park

1039 E. Osage St.

scenic overlook

autumn woods

Glassberg Family Conservation Area

Route FF South

634.4 acres

creek, trails, lake, waterfalls

trail with stairs in woods

LaBarque Creek Conservation Area

Valley Dr.

1,274 acres

3-mile trail

trees along river

Pacific Palisades Conservation Area

1648 Buscher Rd.

695 acres

area map

wooded trail with bridge

Young Conservation Area

3190 State Hwy. FF

1,300.3 acres

trails, lake, creek